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Journey's Life

Vampiers,Shape shifter,witches,magical creatures and all, magic world and Earth Von:
User: mahhiyah
Journey's Life
Journey's Best friend traded her for blood and now she's in a vampier, wolves, shapeshifter invaden place called earth, BOOK finished

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Is there gonna be a second book :) I hope so this was really good. I want to see what happens with James and Journey :D

Wichtiger Beitrag

Your book is going so fast that i didn't even know what you were talking about and I was only on the first page.
I can only imagine the rest.So far, your plot seemed good.I can't really say because i haven't read the whole short story or book I should say.Mind me, for who am I, nobody, but sometimes people like me have the best opinion. I mean I am no critique, or anything like that,buy I garauntee if you find somebody older... mehr anzeigen

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