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#3 (en)

Abstract Literature Von:
User: M.d.S.
#3 (en)

This work of fantasy fits into the diversity of abstract art.
Trilingual, it offers fascinating possibilities to immerse yourself in the mystery of xenolinguistics, to revel in the abstract.
The text of abstract literature is complemented by abstract graphics with discrete rotational symmetry.

It is not exactly the legendary book with seven seals, but it requires already to engage unreservedly and to delve into the intrinsic riddle, to sink in its aesthetic appeal of the playful, apparently seemingly random-senseless, to dissolve.
Thus, the enigmatic work also stimulates to reflect on literature and language in itself, to reflect on what is important to us in literary works, what expectations we have in this regard, what motivates us to engage in a work, to open it up.
Why not this, but that?
What do we take with us from the content of a work, how do we understand this, what to do if the riddle does not open up?
Is literature similar to painting suitable for abstraction?


First edition: 2018-02-15

Second, extended edition: 2018-04-01

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Abstrakte Literatur"
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#3 (en)
Abstract Literature
Syegih (en)
Abstract Literature

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