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Witching Wise

Over four decades, I have practiced my interest in magic. With this book, you can learn and utilise its power. How do you define magic? It’s not delving into the realms of the supernatural. Magic uses only natural energies and positive visualization to change our lives. We all have the invisible force to practice magic. Because we are surrounded by its energy. The energy that holds the power to bring good into our lives. Practice only practical magic and enjoy its force and power with a clear conscience.

All natural products and ceremonial objects mentioned in this book are easy to obtain. When planning your spell, listen to your heart and your conscience. Rituals and spells are part of the ancient world and practice of witchcraft is more than religion. It is a way of life. There has been an enormous resurgence of interest in witchcraft and other magical practices. People have been rediscovering indigenous and pre-Christian systems of belief and spiritual practices. A prayer is a simple form of magic. It is energy sent out to the universe in a positive manner, and over time it is reflected back. Many dreams and desires have been fulfilled through prayer. These days we led such busy lives. With families to care the days, fly past. To find time for long, drawn-out preparations and ceremonies it can be difficult. However, solitude, soft music and candles can accomplish much. You can perform practical magic on a shoestring with ordinary, everyday household items found in your kitchen. Many are carried away and spend a fortune on all the artefacts associated with Witchcraft. Of course, it is nice to own attractive, ornate, ready-made items to work with. I seldom suggest buying. Never on impulse and only if convinced you do need them.

I have described and explained the most popular spell casting aids used. The decision to collect these is yours. The book opens with a brief history of Witchcraft, and the horrific persecution suffered by the forerunners of the craft. If you are going to learn, you should know a little of the background. The most important thing is knowledge. The contents of this book will provide you this essential. People from all section's of the populace are increasingly seeking instruction, a sense of meaning and belonging.

The most popular of these 'pagan' practises to be rediscovered, has been witchcraft.

I have written and published about witchcraft many years ago with Finbarr International many years ago, now found only in rare books.

In this book I have condenced knowledge gained over fifty years.

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