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Falling Stars

'Work in progress' to my dad, who helped me through the tough times, and taught me to chase after what I wanted, even love Von:
User: marc962
Falling Stars
Alex was never accepted anywhere or by anyone in his entire life. Not at home, not by his peers, and certainly not at Gibson College. Lately though, his isolation has gotten out of hand ever since he started having the dream. He's even considering leaving the college, even though he has nowhere else to go. Until he meets the new girl at school who stole his heart in seconds. Now his life is flipped upside down and he must choose. Play it safe and stay away from the new girl and the secret she holds, or allow her into his life, along with a life filled with monsters, magic and deadly romances.
'Caution, this novel is for mature teenagers only.'

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Wichtiger Beitrag

This is a really great book. Please let me know when you have written more. I can not wait to see what happens next.

Wichtiger Beitrag

I know i need work and a larger vocabulary and all that, so please speak your minds freely and tell me what you think, i won't mind, i need the comments anyway. I will update the novel at least once a week for any speedy and anxious readers. And please, i spent a lot of time on editing and fine tuning this, so please do not curse me out or anything if you don't like it.
PS.Read the blurb first, before you read the book.

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