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Fey to English Dictionary

A guide to the complicated concepts in the Dragon Fey book Von:
Fey to English Dictionary

          This is a dictonary that should help explain made up/latin words and concepts contained in my book Dragon Fey. Please, if there is something that you would like explained that is not in here, make a comment on it and I will mast likely have it added by the end of the day.

          Thank you, I hope this helps!

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Gelöschter User

A Windle is a squirrel right? x3

4 Kommentare
Lorian Lilsiel

Oh, is it not in here? No, the squirrels with piranha teeth are twauges. Windles are the adorable long haired pastele pill bugs about the size of your hand.

Gelöschter User

oh.. Yea, it's not in there. I just forgot >.< I don't like my selective memory.

Lorian Lilsiel

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us :)

Gelöschter User


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