Searching for the Silver Lining

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Searching for the Silver Lining
Joshua Jackson P. is a nice boy. That is the first thing you should know. He’s a kind and always optimistic 19 year old boy that has been rejected 19 times by 12 different girls. As a result he has learned to be cautious about relationships but most of all falling in love. He’s learned that friendship is bitter sweet and that’s not a bad thing. The second thing you should know is that he has three friends in this world. Their names are Thomas, Lillian, and Ellie. Also you need to know that he’s in love with Lilly. However his world turns upside down when tom his roommate announces that him and Lillian are doing two thing: moving in together and getting married. This leaves Joshua heartbroken and alone. Then suddenly one night he finds his newly acquainted classmate, Livia Pach, broke and sleeping in her car. He offered her the empty room in his apartment.
He thought he offered he strictly a bed to sleep in- not an all access pass into to his life. However, there is a silver lining to everything. The two of them just need to find it.

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nice and i love the cover

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Loved it....Can't wait for you to continue...Love how you set up your story and the connection with Joshua.....Like love at first sight....

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thank you so much for reading! you post was exactly what I needed :)


Thank you for writing!

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