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Zombies From Birth

Zombies From Birth
It's the year 2022, 10 years after the Mayan apocalypse. The world didn't end, not completely, but it may as well have. The collision of the milky way and the Andromeda galaxy, a collision which will take a billion years to complete, started 10 years ago and the most powerful men on earth used this rare opportunity for some scientific advancements. Unfortunately the whole world has been infected. war, viruses, and a global competition has led to our destruction. instead of having flying cars and television in our minds, we have tribes, and huts, and out houses. Also, my generation has been infected with a disease that turns us into our most primal state. The only thing that occupies our mind is the need to eat. no emotions, no talking, just eating, and somehow there is procreation--but that's not talk about that. You would call them Zombies, we call them Adults. The disease lays dormant until you turn 18 years old, and then you become one of them. This is a primal world run by kids and the zombies are slowly killing us, and we're slowly killing each other. (Chapter 1 through 3 so far, more coming soon!)

Teen, Drama, Zombies, Post-Apocalyptic
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