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Tuesday (Re-Release)

The Astral Projection Series Von:
User: Magnestro
Tuesday (Re-Release)

This story is a poem that starts the beginning of a new suspenseful series about Any0318's astrally projecting across the world to Russia in his extremely interesting point of view of reality.  Any0318 goes to Russia and because of his faith, he is able to astrally project across the world.  The story takes the reader to Russia and to America. If you like originial poetry and adventures that span the entire world then you as a reader will surely love this book because this book will have you suspensefully guessing what events of the story will occur next in the future.  The story shows how a person through extraordinary can accomplish nearly any task.  The story also is a take on how love can lead people to not worry about trivial matters and instead "carpe diem", meaning "live for the moment".  The story also is a deep exploration of how a person's faith can accomplish the impossible.  The poem also conveys how sometimes some stories aren't able to be classified into a simple, single category.  The story also conveys somewhat of an inquiry about Physics and the nature of the perception of reality by different people.  Some stories are so poetically adventurous that they sometimes have their own outright category. 

This is the re-release.

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