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Over 70% of women are abused, unemployed or underemployed, and because I have been blessed by God to have a wonderful family and calling, I feel that it is my duty to help as many women as possible receive even a measure of the blessing that has been bestowed upon me and my family. To this end, I give my time effort and talent to help expand and promote the programs and services for the protection of women:

Of recent there has been an outburst of killings and violent attacks towards women. Well I have decided to embark on a noble quest to protest against women abuse, to moan recent killings and beatings and violent attacks and raping therefore I have written this book to raise awareness and educate the world, to teach people that women need to be protected, celebrated, appreciated and emancipated.

I hope this book finds you doing well, I have written this book as a dedication to celebrate women and relay the message. This book contains short stories and poems. These are great stories and poems that seek to educate the world about the importance of women, how women should be treated and considered. The stories and poems in this collection are derived from the day to day real life and ordeals that women experience, ranging from romance to horror, the contents of this volume simply depicts the life of a woman, her experiences in the society and how she is treated, it also seeks to highlight the ideal life and treatment suitable for our beloved women.

I want you to support women, to advocate women with me, I want you to celebrate and appreciate women, show your care and show your love. I want you to know that women are sweet, smooth, smart, uplifting, that they are full of love. I also want you to know that without a woman there is no functionality in a man’s life. I want you to realize that women are special, and I want you to start treating women as the most diligent and delicate form of creation.

Women are precious; they are full of love, delicate, sweet soft, nice and fragile and hence they to be protected. Women are like ice-cream, they are sweeter than banana porridge and they need to be loved. This is why I have written this book in celebration of women, and now I want you to celebrate with me. I want you to enjoy the contents of this book.

Well I know that you love women, and I know that you real care, I intend to make the world a safe place for women, and I intend to erect a shelter for abused women.

THE RADICAL MOVEMENT AGAINST WOMEN ABUSE was established to help support and protect women. My goals are to ensure that women get the protection and support needed for them to lead fully independent lives; to empower and help them realize that femininity need not stand in the way of achieving their dreams. The movement strives toward this goal through art programs, poetry, and through the grassroots efforts.

In order to keep these programs running, the movement needs raise the funds to support these efforts. Therefore, I am writing to ask you to sponsor me and support this wonderful moment simply by buying this book! It’s very simple, by buying this book you are supporting the movement against women abuse and you are actually showing your love.

The goal of this book is not just to raise money. It is also to raise awareness and to educate the world about the importance of women.

You know that (DAUGHTER, MOTHER, SISTER, WIFE etc.) are women. And you are probably aware of the struggles that women face in their everyday lives. These struggles are not about how to get around or how to do things in life; they are about overcoming the misconception that women are weaker a weaker sex and can’t get around or do the simple things in life or make independent decisions. These challenges include such social ills like rape, violence, passion killings and other forms of abuse.

THE RADICAL MOVEMENT AGAINST WOMEN ABUSE supports and raise awareness to literacy programs for protection of women, counseling services for affected people and the victims, defense and protection services, measures and actions for vulnerable defenseless citizens who are losing their lives.

If you would like to join me in supporting this outstanding movement, please simply buy this book at no cost, just very low price. Frankly, I need you to make the most generous contribution to this effort just by buying this book, and please know that I am contributing as well and that I would never ask you to do this if I was if I did not fully believe in this cause.

Thank you.



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