Jackal and Wolf

Jackal and Wolf

Sneak peak at Jackal and Wolf



“Shut the fuck up.” I muttered as I left.

I ate a small lunch at the diner and raced back to the inn. When I got to the bar I smelled shifters. I walked up to the bar and asked to see Andreas Rivera. The guy said his brother wasn’t in. He told me his name was Peter. It was nearly dark outside. He was six feet of pure handsomeness, with almost black hair and eyes that reminded me of melted chocolate. I told him I was looking for a job at the sheriff station and he seemed doubtful. I looked at him with a smile and he sighed.

“You can have the Sheriff’s spot for now, but if Andreas doesn’t want you as sheriff you leave town.”

I nodded.

He made a call to Drew and in a language I knew was Spanish he said something. Half an hour later he told me to go back to the station in the morning. And that’s when I met Andreas Rivera, one hell of a devilish package. I knew that if they found out I was a Werejackal I could be killed. But Andreas he was something.

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