Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast
Belle has found herself as the Beast's prisoner. Can she escape or come to fall in love? Can she survive how the Beast will come to use her body?

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A great version of the fairy tale. You might want to back and edit. Words like 'krept'

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Very nice characterization of Belle's feelings and thoughts. The surprise at the end, about the upcoming family member, was a nice touch. The Beast's gift of roses before sex was romantic. Now, if he'll only do more foreplay, with that long beast tongue of his, to increase her pleasure and enjoyment. Lol! Hopefully, they'll find happiness together. True love might change him back into a prince. Overall you did a super job... mehr anzeigen

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Hey thanks for the feed-back I know i kinda rushed so i know there is prolly misspellings just haven't been able to go through and edit but the way i convade it is the way its suppose to be but again thank again for the comment:)andbest of luck with your own entry :)

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You may need to re-edit this. You have some misspelled words and some of it is a little hard to understand. I get that this is supposed to be about Beauty and the Beast but some of the words you used within the story makes it hard to understand what you are actually trying to convey. I noticed that this is only your 3rd book so I would ask for people to give you feed back so you can go back and make some changes to make it better.

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