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Falling Together Von:
User: midknight
Poetry: What comes from the heart when the memories, emotions, and experiences create words that can no longer be kept dormant. This is my original poetry, hope you enjoy it and comment.

Love, Trust, Faith, Betrayal, hate, fantasy, conceit, lies, truths
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"delicious addiction of words"
I think that describes all writers problem, we are addicted to the bounty of words. Wonderful thought.

Also, after a rough two years, I could really relate to your poem titled "Cards." I like your voice. I enjoy the skill you have of stringing together words that evoke emotions.

Keep writing your poetry. It is obvious that is where your voice comes through true.


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Wichtiger Beitrag

I really appreciate that you took the time to read my poetry. :) I am also happy that you enjoyed it.

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Your comment is one of the best I have read, thank you so much for the encouragment and the kind don't know how much it means to me. :D

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Lucia Morosanu

This is a really good book. It is clear you opened your heart and let everything fall on paper. I think I enjoyed it more because it is similar to my writing style: honest and clear.
I really identified with "Taste of courage" as I have days when "the taste of courage is all I need.
Keep it up. You really have potential.

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OMG I LOVE IT!You need to publish this so i can bye it!Yah so i love it 5stars and favs!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH BROKEN ARROWZ! There is nothing more satisfying to a writer, then hearing feed back from their readers. I will try to write more, most definantly! Thank you for your wonderful Compliments!! I really like all of the emotions too. xD

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Hey i really like this book, you know i just might put it as my favourites. Great job you should keep going writting those books okay! Anyways keep going because someday you might be a famous author.... I am just saying. But anything more than that it was a great poet book. Also, i like the ~BANG~ Chapter! it was quiete nice because it has showed good and emotional features. Don't you think so? Anyways reply back when i made my stories!

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