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Captivity (Of 2)

User: silviya
Captivity (Of 2)
It Was A Bare Room, Up Three Flights Of Stairs. Marcella Watched While
The Men Carried Him In and Laid Him On The Bed. Mrs. King Seemed
Inclined To Stay And Gossip In Whispers, But, After Thanking Her, And
Saying They Would Talk To-Morrow, Marcella Shut The Door And Locked It.

Then She Looked Round. There Were Three Candles Burning. With A Little
Cry Of Superstitious Fear She Blew One Out And Pinched The Wick. Through
The Two Big Windows She Could See The Ships In The Harbour With Rows Of
Shining Portholes: Ferries Were Fussing To And Fro Like Fiery Water
Beetles. From The Man-Of-War She Saw The Winking Morse Light Signalling
To The Heads. Trams Clanged By In The Distance; In a Public-House Near
By Men Were Singing And Laughing. In The Room Louis Was Snoring Gustily.
She Turned From The Open Window And Looked At Him.

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