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Entwining Passions

User: mjmarlow
Entwining Passions
Two French cousins find that the road to true love and happiness is fraught with all manner of pain and peril, but worth every bit of trouble.

romance, intrigue
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When headlines like this one break I've taken to going to the FoxNews home
page. Yep, barely a whisper! It's in tiny print in the left-hand corner, much
less noticeable than the dead-twins-in-a-suitcase story.
Kind of ironic that the soldiers who will be dying will (stereotypically,
demographically) be coming from that demographic, not the NYTimes readers. As
our president would say, ""Sad.""

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My emotions did not know what to do first happy then sad then happy and then but in the end everything turned out alright. I really enjoyed reading this book.

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