Barbie Doll

Do you really want to be Barbie? Von:
Barbie Doll
Many girls in this world want to be perfect, just like the world famous "Barbie". But do they want to risk their own lives to do this....

anorexia, tragedy, starvation, therapy, abuse, hope
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What class! Love it, especially Mike Campbell with the guitar twirl and pick gifting, and Tom giving a few autographs at the end. <3


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I love this book and persons should learn to love themselves just the way they are and stop being like someone else

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It's really good. I like how you made Dakota speak only to Venus, that made me realize they had a really great connection as best friends.
Good book! Can't wait to read the next one!

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♣ Ordinarily Obscure ♣

Second book is cancelled. Sorry.

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