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Get Balanced, Get Blissed

Nourishment for the Body, Mind and Soul Von:
Get Balanced, Get Blissed
"Lynne Goldberg's life story is an example of the remarkable power of nutrition and meditation to transform not only our bodies on a cellular level but also our thoughts on an emotional and spiritual level. Her personal odyssey demonstrates that when you change what you eat, you can change who you are." - Antonia Demas, PhD; president, Food Studies Institute; visiting scholar, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; clinical assistant professor, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford

After a particularly rough couple of years during which she got divorced and lost twin baby girls, her career, and her loving and supportive mother, Lynne Goldberg had hit rock bottom. With nowhere to go but up, she set out on a path to start over and rebuild her life from the ground up. Using the simple tools discussed in this book, she regained her lust for life. Now a certified meditation teacher, certified plant-based diet educator and Tony Robbins holistic lifestyle coach, Lynne helps people de-stress, find peace and rediscover their bliss. Are you ready to start loving your life again? Start reading to begin your journey.

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