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Writing the “Purr-fect” Story: Tips on How to Write a Fiction Book about Cats

Writing the “Purr-fect” Story: Tips on How to Write a Fiction Book about Cats

If you want to write an effective fiction book about cats, the first thing that you need to do is to observe actual cats. Usually, when authors write about something, they first look for some inspirations for their characters before starting to write. You should do the same thing. Before writing your cat story, look for some inspirations for your feline characters. Spend some time on observing real-life cats – what their personality are, how they usually respond to things, and what their common mannerisms are. Figure out how cats generally think, feel, and act. Get as much information about them as you can through observation and research. The more information you have about real-life cats, the more precise your feline characters will be.

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