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The Timber Pack

Part of TheTimber Pack Chronicles Von:
The Timber Pack
Parker Montgomery has had a crush on Colton Butler ever since he moved and started going to the same high school as him. He thought that it was just a deep crush and that Colton would never notice Parker, seeing as Parker was gay and not popular.

Colton on the other hand, was at the top of the social chain as well as being the top dog. He also knew that Parker was his mate and was waiting until the right time to claim him for his own.

This is the story of how Parker came to realise how special he is, and that sometimes you can get everything you ever dreamed of.

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I love this book, can't wait for second book

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Can't wait for the second book! When is book two coming out? Gotta go but keep writing I can't wait to read more of your stories.

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God, I love this book! I read it like over four times now. when will the next one be out? i can't wait i just know its going to be as good as this one.

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I have been rereading this book and it get better every time. Plus, I have been dying for the second to come out.

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This was amazing! I was totally entranced by the entire thing! I adored this book, my new favorite. I've read it twice now! Never gets old!(:

Please, tell me when you have written book two!


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