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Plutarch'S Lives Volume III. Fiscle (Part-I)

User: paul
Plutarch'S Lives Volume III. Fiscle (Part-I)
The liturgy (Greek: λειτουργία or λῃτουργία, leitourgia, from λαός / Laos, "the people" and the root ἔργο / ergon, "work" [1]) was in ancient Greece a public service established by the city-state whereby its richest members (whether citizens or resident aliens), more or less voluntarily, financed the State with their personal wealth.[2] It took its legitimacy from the idea that "personal wealth is possessed only through delegation from the city".[3] The liturgical system dates back to the early days of Athenian democracy, but gradually fell into disuse by the end of the 4th century BC,[4] eclipsed by the development of Euergetism in the Hellenistic period.

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