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Angels 2nd Advent

Angels 2nd Advent
Rise from the black snow of ash feel what was once forgotten know that in darkest veils of despair you can find the light so become the twilight don't allow the sin of the heart to dictate your own humanity...I know that this world to its very core is sin angels weep for those lost in blind ignorance following those who believe themselves the messages of a god manifested by human beings as a way of dealing with reality that death can never be escaped that we all search a small sliver of comfort on the road to so called salvation Ive struggled to understand the sin of my own heart i wanna believe that a devils angels cry can be heard so i rise to remain please let redemption not be out of reach...hope i find some peace in hell my fellow ark angels.

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Wow... I´m impresset! Even thought I don´t understand it all (Is the first teller Luzifer? Or an angel? And why is he lying around that gravejard? And who the hell is that secend person?) But I trust you to answer them within the story :-)
Also I truly like you´re writing style :-)


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