The assassin

The assassin

One man, with one mission and one decision.

After all this time, I’ve learned one thing. There is no glory in killing, he thought as he pulled the trigger.



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Very well written and a spell binder to boot. I like your style.

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Gelöschter User

Wow. that was such a powerful story and so beautifully told. Thanks.

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Well done! What did Ian Fleming ever do to you that makes you want to trash 007? LOL!!!You are a dark one, missy.....

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Lucia Morosanu

I was trying to make fun a bit of the the whole "Bond" myth and make a more believable assasin.

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I couldn't be more impressed. Fine writing for someone so young, and I take it English isn't your second language. If I'm right, you deserve a huge pat on the back. Great story too.
Voted with pleasure.
Well done
Wendy xx

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Glynis Rankin

Enjoyed this story. You did a beautiful job on this and I would like to see it become something more, a novel would be great. I voted.

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I came back to vote. I commented on page 2 and am happy to see that most everyone found your story so good that they took the time to actually point out specific errors so that you could fix your story and make it perfect.

You have my vote. Excellent!

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J.C. Laird

What can I say? A well-written piece of writing and certainly an attention-holder.
Gets one of my votes.

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I'm late in reading this, but I must also say I was captivated by the entire story; how you unfolded it so well. I do agree in a way with Jack...the ending seemed almost anti-climactic (due to word restrictions, i'm thinking) compared to the excellence of what preceded it.
Even so, VERY well done, and deserving of a vote.

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The way you delivered the story was solid. Few conventional mistakes. Verb tense was the biggest one. The character was a little...done. The reflective antihero. The grand scale of the plot you alluded to was original, and impressive. Solid piece of work.

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