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Three really old poems I wrote in high school. Even so, I think they hold true as they scream with raw emotions that have left deep scars in my soul.

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i-i dont know why but i loved it to me it was fantastic and vary dark good job rockgirl :D

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don't know if it's intentional but when i look at the words layout i saw the layout looked like a face. Anyhow thats my imagination and my heightened perception. I really thought these pieces of work were powerful. This is a torment i go through seeing through the blanketed cloth that is covered over us suffocating in it with no way of getting out. These pieces are a expression of your soul and you should keep writing as you... mehr anzeigen

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Lucia Morosanu

I wrote them in red mostly because it is one of my favorite colors. Besides that, i considered it to be an appropriate color to accompany the poems.
Thank again for the hearts!!

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Still full of emotion,anger and hatred keep it up for this is who you are there is one thing i like to know do you write in red because of your emotion,hatred and anger or for because it's the the color of sin.i also like the way your words seem to jump out at you in a long line like a star wars intro you know kind of like 3d

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Gelöschter User

Finally, poetry I like.

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Lucia Morosanu

Thanks! Please check out my other books if you have time! :))

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i love yr poems are u goin to write more anytime soon

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Lucia Morosanu

Thank you for the Star and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it.
I have three more books besides RED and if you have time you can check them out. I am planning on publishing a new book soon enough .

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