Letting go of everything, and releasing the pain and the love, the rage and the hope.
Being honest and open,unafraid of accepting unpopular morality.

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I say you are truly amazing and I can prove it by having one read one of your books.......

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I really like "Seven deadly colors" and "Now". I love that each one is unique and moving in its own right.

Also - the images are beautiful!

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Yeah, you probably already know how thick I am as I know sweet FA about poetry, but that was like proper deep, yeah you're a proper wicked writer dude!!! Nice one!!!

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once again another wonderful book. You write well and your vocabulary is excellent I find inspiration from your work and as i probably said before you have a very similar style to my writing which is maybe why i love yours so much....

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I must say, you have mastered the art of prose. As works, I am stunned by the literary quality of each poem. Theologically, it all boils down to whether I see my death as the absolute end of consciousness on any level. Somehow I can't let loose of that hope.
Nonetheless, exquisitely rendered.

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Very powerful poetry in this book :D I also love the cover, it really helped set the mood for all your poems. I really liked the flow of the first poem. It was so clever :D

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THAT IT WAS PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME! Your style of poetry keeps me me coming back to your writing. When I read this book, I could feel your emotion and its so real. The intensity of your words and their meanings are awe inspiring. I'm surprised no one has commented on your poetry, I guess I'm lucky enough to be the first. :p

We haven't talked in a while, but I loved your other poetry book and I'm happy to see that there is... mehr anzeigen

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How to download this book? always fail.......

Lucia Morosanu

You just press the 'download button. It works for me.


thanks.. can i add you as my friend?

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