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A Howl In The Night

User: lucky97
A Howl In The Night

After trying to survive through endless bullying and taunts, Mona decides to end it all. On one cold winter night, she travels deep into the woods, in the midst of a horrific thunderstorm, hoping that she would perish and the awful pain would fade away from her miserable life. However, not everything works out as smoothly as she hoped. To start with, a mysterious, devastatingly handsome man saves her from certain death, introducing himself as Xavier. He tells her that he is a werewolf, and Mona is his mate.
And this is only the beginning.
She is soon thrown into the realm of the supernatural, introduced to creatures she never knew existed. Everything she thought she knew turns out to be wrong, the whole world shifting before her eyes. Will Mona be able to survive in this new, strange life she is forced to live?
Will Mona accept the fact that she and Xavier were meant to be together?

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The ending is out, everyone! I hope you enjoy! I've loved going on this journey with you:) Please post any feedback or suggestions here or through my email!

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Love the book

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Love the twist at the end, great read

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Summer love

This was a great book. I enjoyed reading it alot. I loved the plot development and everything else. Keep it up

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I admit this is the best book I read in this genre. I like any story with a grand world building.

And im reading romence stories on a app called Dreame. There are many fantastic werewolf and vampire books there. You can download it with this link:

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it's only available on the phone! and you can get some bonus from this link!

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If not THE best...this book was one of the best books i've read in here . Congratulations. Dont stop writing

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Allison Jae

I only read the first five pages, but I love it already. Your words are dark, mysterious and chilling.

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