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The Word of God over the nations and over the rulers of the nations (2016, July)

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Vero Beach, FL

The reversal of character over policy started with Reagan, not Trump. Trump is
simply the most grotesque incarnation of it. Bury Reagan for 30 years, then
dig that up and put a presidential seal on it, and you've got Trump.
Remember Iran-Contra? Remember the endless lying about his own history.
Remember him telling fictions as if they were true stories?
People agreed to start hollowing out the Westphalian state... mehr anzeigen

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Please read ""Collusion

I think hunting is an honorable past time, and would argue against any of your
classmates who call it cruel. I have been shooting for fun, and it is fun. I
get it. But your idea that gun sellers should decide if someone should have a
gun is ill advised. They are motivated by profit only. It would be like
putting opioid dealers in charge of prescriptions. Also, I agree with your
idea that background checks... mehr anzeigen

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Canon City, CO

You contradict yourself - women then don't have power if men have the highest
power. If men are the ones that maintain order then why are there wars? If the
Catholic Church works why do priests molest children? I don't need a man to
protect or to provide for me, I able to do so myself.


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