New Life

New Life
Emma Moore is a sixteen year old who lives in the second ring of the Cause. A three ringed country with stupid rules. Emma is in a gang called R.A.T.C (pronounced Rats). Rats is a gang of teenagers who's parents pay isn't enough for the family. They steal food and supplies until they turn eighteen, then they can get their Embers removed and live in Tyton City were no one is hungry or sick. But until then they have to go to a Check-in were they are tested to see if their Embers are strong enough. Will Emma get a negative like every year and stay home? or will her Check-in be positive and get a new life?

Okay, the girl on the cover is supposed to be Emma. So, yeah...... Love ya!

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This was the first book i ever read on Bookrix.. like 4 years ago.. .. and its still not finish .. why?? :/ ..

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I gave up on it. I am horrible at finishing books. I'm sorry :/


haha it's okay.. but please finish it!! I love it :)

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