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A Diary Entry from Amalie Müeller

An immigrant living in the Industrial Revolution Von:
User: megzy143
A Diary Entry from Amalie Müeller
One girl's diary as a factory worker during the Industrial Revolution. NOTE: Though it is fiction, I have done a lot of research on factories during the Industrial Revolution. Sadly, it's only one entry, but I hope you enjoy!

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Well written. The first half was a good in-depth case study of that period. Then, you merged it with the girl's experiences seamlessly.

Let me know if you decide to lengthen this one; I may have some suggestions for you.


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Adam Lewis LaValley

Wow! This was written so very well. I love to read American History, and I have to say: your studying on the Industrial Revolution has paid off. This is a good insight into what factories were like. They were very dangerous places, and in some instances people could get caught in the machines and die.

Again, great writing.

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