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Can you sum up your life in one word or phrase? Well I can.
It has been said that a person’s life can be broken down into one controlling idea. This controlling idea consists of all their aspirations, habits, hobbies and actions to be centred on this idea. This could be in a sense, sum up one’s life into one word or a phrase. Now think hard about what your controlling idea is? What is the reason behind all those things that you do, you may not believe that there is a reason for why you do what you do, when in fact there is a reason for everything. It’s incredibly hard for some people to find out what their controlling idea is, whereas for me? It’s as easy as 1...2...3..., simply because of my past. By now you’re probably wondering what my controlling idea is right; well my controlling idea is Revenge.
Meet Max Vega and follow her life as it spirals out in a way she couldn't have ever predicted

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i like your cover and the story is really interesting so far. i was a bit confused by all the names you used though because i guess you call each character by their first and last name? or you just introduce a new character during dialogue and i was like "what? who's that? where did they come from?"
and you've got some editing problems that need to be fixed up.
other than that - great start!

let me know when you write more!

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