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Whiskey and Old Stogies

Whiskey and Old Stogies
Lonely teen Rufus Hollowberry is drifting through the back woods of North Carolina when he meets the O'Haras who are feuding with the Harveys.

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You started with a fine narrative introduction and followed it with a good dialogue. Do continue with your succeeding chapters. I guess you’re on the right track. But I suggest you add a book cover to attract more readers. Good luck!

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Hard to read but I finally did 'er. Some of them there letters are kinda small and kinda lite. You got yerself a good'n there. hopen ya write sumore. Ah heck! I give ya a star./joeparente

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Really liked the dialogue, the flow, the imagery and the interesting comparisons. Kept my interest to the very last word. I'm looking forward to reading more. I would change nothing, was impressed with the grammar, punctuation, syntax and sentence structure. I would say write more, I would love to see where you are taking this story. Thanks Robynn

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Your story gave me a few chuckles. It was like stepping back in time. The dialogue is wonderful. Makes me think of Huck Fin in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or the clan of hillbillies in the Li'l Abner comic strip. Very nice. Would like to read more of the adventures of Rufus and the man/girl he meets up with.

If you're interested you can check out my stories. You'll find them on my profile.


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I have started reading this and you do capture the reader's attention and make them want to go on to find out what happens next. But I did want to ask you, could you make the words a bit bigger, it's kind of hard to see... (or maybe I'm just going blind lol)

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