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I will never

A Compilation of Short Stories Von:
I will never
A variety of short tales inspired by quotes and excerpts.

Short Stories, quote, mother, son, love, coma
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Thank you so much for your kind assessment.
I hope you enjoy the third story as well when you read it. :)
~ Lions.Dream.In.Gold.

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Melissa Nichols

I must say, I am blown away. 'A Mother's Love' made my eyes water with the mother's, then the father's love for the child and I just felt so much like the parent that my breath left my lungs for a minute or two.
The second left me wondering what was going on but it sank in before long and then everything started to make sense.
I haven't read the third book yet, but I promise I will as soon as I get a chance and I will comment... mehr anzeigen

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I was thinking about doing that. The only thing is that boookrix tends to add so many unnecessary pages that it becomes more of a hassle to me. Especially considering how short these "shorts" are. I took your advice as well on the name of the first story and gave it a more suitable title.

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Oh my God... the last story brought me to tears but joyous almost. It was heart wrenching and utterly beautiful.
Each of your works bring me power and an emotion that is almost indescribable.

Your stories have to be read out loud to catch every word and every emotion.
You have great potential, never give up.
Besides for some spelling errors, I find your work perfect.
Write more soon please.

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May I suggest you split these two stories and put them up with different covers? As stand alone stories, I mean. You've got more chance of them getting read. Look forward to reading more of your work.

Also i think the title of the first story doesn't do it justice. I would suggest something along the lines of 'mother'. Then you can put your quote beneath the title in italics.

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