The Restless

The Restless

A few miles outside Ruthin, Wales is an asylum for the crazed. Halloween of 1988, Kat killed her entire family. Two years later on the same night, Kat started the asylum on fire. She killed everyone, along with herself inside. Or so people thought.


In 2019 a group of friends decides to spend their Halloween in the asylum, seeing how it felt like. But what they don't know, just might kill them.



**Just so everyone knows that this is NOT a book. This is written as a screenplay.**

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death, crazy, halloween, asylum, screenplay
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Okay, I can't seem to open it, I am blocked to open it, it says:

"Sorry, this book is only available to users over the age of 18 due to the current"

I am 28, and it still isn't allowing me to open it.....

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...Just excellent. Excellent, excellent, excellent!
I love the dialogue and the fact that it seems soo realistic, like as if I was one of the characters myself.
I like the fact that your character Lec is protective over his sister and how he has her listen to her iPod so she doesn't get scared. I can actually picture Eric Balfour playing him too.
And Kat, gosh. This will give the audience a tension that she is still alive. I... mehr anzeigen

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Linzy Salvini

Thank you! n.n

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I literally fell in love with this screenplay!
I was reading the dialogue, which I must say is very interesting.
I actually feel like I'm there, experiencing what the characters are experiencing.
Great work, got my vote. :)

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I did enjoy the dialogue the most. I am not a screenplay critic, by any means, but this was very interesting.

Yeah, there are some typos with the word "cut-too", some should be changed to "cut-to". These are small corrections you can make as you re-read the screenplay. Editing is never easy, so no worries.

Great job! Voted!

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This is good, I enjoyed reading it to the end. The content of the story was interesting. In screenplays its hard for me to "feel" the characters but the dialog was realistic and kept my interest.

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I can see this extended into a full screenplay, with all the high tension, the audience just KNOWING Kat is alive (sic) and well, lurking inside the asylum...waiting.
Other than the tense issue and a few typos, this story is extremely good! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Nice going.

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