Arranged Marriage!

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Romance and comedy
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I'm sure this is a great book with a great plot, but I can't understand it at all. There aren't any quotation marks, and the grammar is terrible. I'd love to finish reading it, but I couldn't get past the fifth page.

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i'm impressed with the book and they did a good job, and i love this book omg i can't belive she's marrying a hot guy!

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it was confusing cause there were no quotation marks or anything

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When r u ganna write more if u do plezzz send a message 2 me so i can finish readin it *IT WAS A REALLY REALLY GUD BOOK!!!!!!!!!*(: (: (:

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sweet i really dont want to be mean but that book sucked i mean u where putting in no details,and no puncutation. i mean come on seriously that was horrible. try it again and take our advise. k bye sorry

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bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad GRAMMAR!!!!! ever heard of spell check???????

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thank u please stick it to her i think i can write a better book and im only 15. sorry if it says 30 but my friend put that age in and when i went to check it it said that i just had a birthday so im not really 30. k =;-) :-o :-/

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