-My entry for the Young Writer of the Year contest.
A short piece on the first important influence in a persons life; a lonely child admires her reserved neighbour from afar, and remembers him as a teenager.

Childhood, Influence, Isolation, Death
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Queen Tex; Ireland

An amazing story, probably one of the best I've read on Bookrix. I wish I could've read it when the contest was still going, I would have voted! :) Well, continue writing. That was awesome! XD

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Gelöschter User

This piece is haunting, descriptive, and brilliantly well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep writing!

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L. Avery Brown

Now that the Young Writer's contest is officially over, I'm so pleased to be able to share with you my thoughts on your story 'Lucien' as it was, honestly, one of my favorites. I could practically hear an upright piano playing in the background (it's a sound I recognize well as that's what we had at my home). Your soft approach to the notion of accepting people for who they are and the talents they have even if they might... mehr anzeigen

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I'm blown away. This was one of the best books I've read in this community. Well done!

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I think everything has been said about your wonderful story.Good luck in the contest you have my vote.

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Brilliant writing - please give us more. This story is absolutely amazing -- a true literary work.

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Review - With just the right amount of words, in black and white brush strokes of genius, you have masterfully created a childhood memory that can be felt in our three dimensional world. On the canvas of paper you have forever captured your mentor. Excellent job. Robynn

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The man on the other side of the wall - a musician no less, but a great story of life without walls! I was there in that place. I could smell it, feel it, hear its song of life. Great Job. Keep writing. Janice

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You have my vote. The story about Lucien is beautifully written with emotion, and clear illustrations.

This is a masterpiece. I look forward to reading more of your work.

You are a gifted and talented young writer!


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