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If You Love Me

*Incomplete* Von:
If You Love Me

(Work in progress!)Never happy but at the same time never depressed, Gia's mediocre life was split right in the middle.  Her jaded occupation of being a nail technician was what she went to school for, but that didn't make it any more exciting.  Her apartment was average, she was still making payments on her old car, and the only thing in her daily routine that kept her going was her bunny Ajax.  That little guy and watching reruns of That 70's Show every night with a TV dinner.  Gia wasn't religious or someone who had huge dreams; she was just grateful for the fact that she wasn't exactly struggling to keep up in the world.  With her past of shitty boyfriends and fake friendships, she was perfectly content with settling for less.  Ajax was the only man she needed anyway.


Or maybe that was completely true, and it takes a woman to dig deep inside her and help her realize her full potential.

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