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The Best of Blogs: 2009-2010

The Best of Blogs: 2009-2010
Excepts from a blog I maintained for a year and then ran out of things I cared enough about to make fun of.

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Wichtiger Beitrag

That's okay sweetheart, I think you have to be a few years older to understand it. Send me a letter and I'll explain it y=to you.

Wichtiger Beitrag

great book of blogs as opposed to great globs of gook....each one funny, but all the blogs have insight to live with or correct an aspect of life.

I love the squirrel mafia - my yard is opposite - the birds are in control.

Your old enough to but not giving a .... - keep in mind each age has its pluses and minuses - I deal with the 'lack of brains' because the hair is white. My youngest son who is your age has told me my IQ will... mehr anzeigen

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