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Venus In furs (fiscle part-9)

User: silviya
Venus In furs (fiscle part-9)

Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch Was Born In Lemberg, Austrian Galicia, On
January 27, 1836. He Studied Jurisprudence At Prague And Graz, And In
1857 Became A Teacher At The Latter University. He Published Several
Historical Works, But Soon Gave Up His Academic Career To Devote
Himself Wholly To Literature. For A Number Of Years He Edited The
International Review, _Auf Der Hohe_, At Leipzig, But Later Removed To
Paris, For He Was Always Strongly Francophile. His Last Years He Spent
At Lindheim In Hesse, Germany, Where He Died On March 9, 1895. In 1873
He Married Aurora Von Rumelin, Who Wrote A Number Of Novels Under The
Pseudonym Of Wanda Von Dunajew, Which It Is Interesting To Note Is The
Name Of The Heroine Of _Venus In Furs_. Her Sensational Memoirs Which
Have Been The Cause Of Considerable Controversy Were Published In 1906.

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