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User: Leonardo

This book is full of magic and power, connects us to the new era we are living through with futuristic visions and prophecies of the future. This revelation 777 represents issues of the second millennium, such as the abstraction of words and the handling of images similar to a pictorial movement emerged in the year 1949 - POP ART - which is characterized by the use of iconography of popular culture that were taken from the media, as in the case of advertisements, comic books and other publications. In this opportunity, it is shown how art has been made with the famous masterpiece "The Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo da Vinci.

         Part of the present investigation has been based on coincidences relative to my life with the environment, through which I have managed to confirm that I am the great awaited Vitruvian Man II. To consider myself a Titan, has allowed me to understand what every person belonging to this world must know to obtain their keys to success.

         In this prophecy I have shown that I am Vitruvian Man II, with a kind of POP ART, and I have highlighted images of NASA, Coins and Poker Cards that remind us of the consumerism that occurs in cities where the capital market flows. The image of the casino roulette is used to illustrate the chance of our time, at the moment of witnessing a possible extraterrestrial contact in the year 2251.

The coincidences based on numerology with the number 7 and personal data, which can not be modified, are a proof of the accuracy of what I show you today. With the intention of corroborating my discovery, I undertook the task of traveling to mark in the world that I am Vitruvian Man II, (the logo used by some astronauts in their space suit) for that purpose I made the crossing AUSTIN, AUSTRALIA, ARGENTINA, AUSTRIA that they are related to the word ASTRONAUT.

         The creation of new economic systems, sources of energy, means of transport, or even as our physical form will be, can hardly be known with the way we think today. This book opens the doors to a different world, where the high probabilities stand out that the English language will be the most used by the majority of human beings. Taking into consideration that this language today dominates more than 80% of the economic operations and the media, I visualize it as a fundamental tool for the future that will be unveiled to you. In this sense, I show you 77 verbs, 777 words, and various practical sentences that are used in the TOEFL test.

Philosophers such as Albert Einstein marked the structure of today's society and I, Vitruvian Man II, was born on the same day as this famous person, (March 14) and therefore I want to show you how to be the future. However, it is important to emphasize that the knowledge about how our ancestors have solved the problems has been the method that most societies have applied until now.

Words like miracle, religious beliefs and / or extraterrestrial approaches have been pillars of what we live today. However, thinking about prophecies that are transformed into ideas to do good is what has been beyond the reach of humanity, preventing them from processing what is really behind our true being. The energy focused on self-sustaining procedures as well as mutual values ​​in the study of emerging patterns, will be the variables that will take us to the New Era.

I have discovered the New Age Leoil full of wonders, which when mixed with my experiences, form what for you will be discovered in this book


L12E5O15I9L12 E5R18A1 = 12+5+15+9+12+5+18+1=77

My goal is to help you travel this New Era, which others have already called the Aquarian Age, which was established since December 21, 2012.

I'm in a picture with a hat of Arlequin, doing some wizardry with the coins of the Italian euro and 1000 Bolivares, to announce the arrival of the New Age Leoil. You can witness a future new civilization with its aquarium casino spaceship called Leoil and it is interesting to note that I show the 7 wonders of the world.

Some attempts to understand the future were made in the past without apparent relevance, because society has been underestimating areas such as numerology and chance. Despite this, I took the liberty to use them without prejudice and when I understood about their potential I found a totally new world; full of unexplored patterns that until now were only part of science fiction. This knowledge has given me the power that I want to share with you today: A celestial book that can only be developed every 1000 years in generations that are at the turn of the millennium

This phenomenal work has a special symbolism made with imaginative and brilliant language, full of a certain character of advertising, numerology and astrology. In this book it is emphasized that the internet is the prophetic medium to visualize what is to come. It can be observed that I have discovered with my images and prophecies how the Second Millennium technology will be for the future history of humanity.  


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