An opera by Niccolò van Westerhout Von:
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DOÑA FLOR, The Opera by van Westerhout, is a paperback in Italian, with facing English translation. The book narrates the life of Niccolò van Westerhout (1857-1898) and it explores the questions and concerns related to the first performance of his opera-masterpiece.
Enriched with a foreword by the Maestro Vito Clemente, this book also contains the original text of the libretto, the biography of the librettist Arturo Colautti (1851-1914) and the genealogical tree of the van Westerhout family, from their first migration to Apulia to the composer's birth.
The fascinating story of the birth of this 1895 opera, is complemented by an essay on the musical characteristics of this lyrical drama, a commentary on the libretto, an essay on the composer's home town, Mola di Bari, and the theater named after him, and 24 black and white illustrations.
The authors’ notes, moreover, allow the reader to learn of the events that brought to the discovery of van Westerhout’s tomb and the final return of his remains to his loved hometown.

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