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I never lose

User: lene16
I never lose
This is a story about a girl. She had a good childhood. She has friends. She also have a temper, alot of money and alot of stupidity.

Sasha Knight is an ordinary girl. Or so everybody thinks. All her life she have lived with her father, but then he dies and she has to live with her mother. Her mother is rich, but that doesn't mean much to Sophie. She tries to continue her life but that isn't that easy.
She finds herself angry all the time. She fells like someone is watching her. She fells like she is going crazy, but soon she will know more then she ever wanted...

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<3 ➮ ︀➥ WWW.INTIMCONTACT.COM?_ebook-lene-j-ger-i-never-lose

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Add more please! ;)

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<3 ➮ ︀➥ WWW.INTIMCONTACT.COM?lene16_1319122647.5951280594

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