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A Day at the Park

User: lazarus67
A Day at the Park
Anything can happen at a sports game.

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Love how you weaved all the specific game terminology into the story. Very clever and entertaining story.

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Laz, one of these days some scientist is going to want to cut open your brain! I loved it.

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but my brain does not seem to be funtioning well today. my mind was muddled as I read this, so I actually have no idea what happened. oh well. All I know is that it was a good story... but a bit confusing.

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this is pure nostalga. Coming from way back. The games are now rarities in 2086.2, but I have watched the old vidsand you describe them perfectly. 2020 was it? Those were the heady days, now that the fields are overrun with marchers. You deserve...well, something at any rate. Evelyn/Bluedragon

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I guess 'Cretans' have something to do with the stories dreamthief writes. It was short but to the point, with nothing to fault (apart from the name :P). Like all your stories, it was nice to read it.

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The story begins in a casual tone but takes the sudden twist to have a surprise ending. The story is short but tightly packed with suspense that allows the reader to read more. The writing style/voice showcases the language as used in that particular place. As a reader I found the expressions completely new and could feel the native tone in the language.

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Paper Planes

As always, I can't fault you. This was such a treat -- Flash Fiction at its finest. And your brand of tongue-in-cheek humour is priceless; got to love those sports.

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