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Writing Lessons for New and Older Writers

A collection of tips and lessons Von:
User: lazarus67
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(●⁰౪⁰●) ︀➸ WWW.INTIMCONTACT.COM?_ebook-lazarus-writing-lessons-for-new-and-older-writers

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Really helped me a lot. Thanks

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(●⁰౪⁰●) ︀➸ WWW.INTIMCONTACT.COM?lazarus67_1312990945.5630478859

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This is a very helpful guide. Thanks for posting it :)

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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! So many are like that though. I probably shouldn't laugh, but it amuses me that people not only give up that easily, but assume that critics are out to get them, when they are only trying to help them by offering advice.


Maybe it's his German pride. I could say that because I'm part German

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I'm not so sure. I've met many people like that who aren't German. I think it's a HUMAN thing. My main character Eli suffers from hubris also... That's part of what causes much of the conflict in my story... He constantly sticks his nose where it doesn't belong.

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I need this! Thanks.

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This was a good idea....Thank you for sharing this and I added this...Would love to be able to write maybe this would help me be able shall see :)


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I missed this book unless it was posted during one of my off times...have saved - always need pointers...p;]

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The bookrix ereader doesn't work for me. I don't seem to be able to open the book. Anybody know why?


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