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The Witch in my house

User: lazarus67
The Witch in my house
A young boy's biggest fear.

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Thanks...this one and 'Forgotten' will appear in that bi-annual publication for children's charities.It's the one put together by Gwen Steele which includes many authors' stories and poems.
Or maybe it's annual...can't remember.

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Loved your story and I wonder if my brothers ever called me a witch? I did use to sneak their candy as payment for taking them out.

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Oh Laz, as always your great. I loved this and can't tell you how many years I faced this same fate!

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of concrete reasoning. makes for wonderful misconceptions in an abstract reasoner's reading!

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'School was out. The bell rang. I bolted that very second....'. This all happened at once...all in an instant of time. So that being said, I don't really think that it made a huge difference in the timeline at the start of this story. Since it was an instant of time, the opening lines could have been 'The bell rang and school was out'. Or, 'School was out as the bell rang'. Or even...'I bolted the very second the bell rang... mehr anzeigen

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Lucia Morosanu

This is a interesting take on the subject. I can relate as I have an older sibling and a vividly remember the horrors I went through when I was young.

Really nice piece

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