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The secret of the House on Dead-End Lane

A Murder Mystery Von:
User: lazarus67
The secret of the House on Dead-End Lane
Three children haunt an old Victorian house, and how a young woman and her blind friend try to solve the mystery.

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Very intriguing story, some parts I found cringey, but the overall story is good

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Is this a complete short story? And who is the author?

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♥ davebccanada ♥

A classic romance with a spooky edge. I loved it. I even loved your choice of old time floral writing paper. It suited the tale to a T.

By the way, I enlarged the printing by using Ctrl + +. I'm not sure if that works for others or not.

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Thanks Dave. I know. The writing is small. I thought it looked good, but it's a bit smaller than expected. Glad you were able to enlarge it.

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Why am I not able to down load a book but hit read and it goes there but to small to read. I want to download and read on reader

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It's copyrighted. You can only read or save to this site.
Sorry about the font size. Maybe you can use a magnifying

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