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The Healer 2

How my world came to an end Von:
User: lazarus67
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I never liked fantasy stories until reading your's.

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Awesome and Captivating. I really enjoyed reading 'The Healer 2'. Excellent follow-up for 'The Healer'. :)

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I love that you made a sequel to The Healer! That was definitely a good move. Great book! Keep on writing, my friend.

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Great to be in on the conclusion to this one! Haven't been on Bookrix for a while (I'm ashamed to say). So pleased I didn't miss this! Your style is unique, and your sensitivity knows no bounds. Always a pleasure to read your work.

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Thanks Vesna. I got that name from the Bible book of Ruth, where Naomi says to Ruth,"Call me Mara" because she was miserable.

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Great story! I love fantasy. How strange, my cousin called Mara and my grandmother's name was Mara. In Serbia and former Yugoslavia, that was not unusually female name.

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Thanks for your comments. The relationship between Justin and Robynn is strictly platonic.

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