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The Cougar and the Kid

Not a love story Von:
User: lazarus67
The Cougar and the Kid
A feline in a tight red dress.

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the one with no cat. lol.

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The beginning is exciting, my friend... I guess it would end in something like a romance/love story describing an impossible but true love? Keep the good work going!

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Hi Laz, with one Z. I like the way you write and the story is very good. Will there be more?/joeparente

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lazarus67 matter how careful we may be there are always somethings we miss. Will take care of it ASAP.

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Please fix "why is she separation me" to "separating me". Very cute. I was not confused. I totally enjoyed this piece, although though it is NOT a love or anti love POEM!!!! I thought the entries had to be poems. Regardless, quite adorable. You know how I love those age inappropriate relationships!!!!

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