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A door, Open your Eyes, and The Lying Mirror

User: lazarus67
A door, Open your Eyes, and The Lying Mirror
Three short essays for the Drabble Contest

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Maria Thermann

The one about the mirror strikes a chord. It's certainly a shock when you suddenly catch sight of your reflection in a shop window and discover the face staring back at you looks nothing like the person inside you, that hopeful 17teen-something...lovely stuff. Thanks for sending the link.

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This was my favorite of the Drabble books. I loved all these stories equally. I share your inspiration for one story. Remember the song, "Don't Close Your Eyes"? I can relate to each of the three vignettes as well, on some level.

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thanks Tina....I design all my own covers, being an artist/photographer.
You can see them all at this site.


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This is another great entry for our contest. The cover is unique, too. Just voted for it.

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Interesting viewpoint on "Open your eyes".
So many ways to interpret that...I guess. Maybe to guy is insecure...nothing more.


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and have enjoyed all and voted for all - there is not a limit on our votes and all your stories are good.

As we grow closer to graduation day, our mortality sits heavy in the flesh but light for emotion and mind.

From a woman's viewpoint, closed eyes are more a sign of shyness and later a closing out of the external to enjoy the sensual, to concentrate on touch - very few woman fantasize on another partner than the one they're... mehr anzeigen

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Obviously re-working these to fit the parameters made not one whit of difference in the quality and sensuality of the pieces. I voted for you Laz.

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Thanks...I only added what was needed.

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