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Sweet Lil Heartbreaker

User: lazarus67
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whoa, I wasn't sure what to expect when you sent me a link but wow. Loved it as per usual. Sorry I don't comment all the time I usually forget but yeah wow.I don't know what else to say.
K x

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You reel me in with your poeticism. I am sold on you! Lol! This story contains elements of D and S, along with cuckolding. There is a yearning to become totally immersed within one's love interest. To savor every moment and experience. Beautifully captured!

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Not much left to say. I don't think you are such a crazy fool.Bravo and congratulations for being in love. Guess I had better go see if I still have my red shoes .Serena

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Always the ultimate romantic you are. Beautifully paced, rich with emotion, need and poignant longing. May I suggest a cold shower? LOL Robynn

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I was waiting for you to read it jenne...ANd I knew you would love

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