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My name is Lola

User: lazarus67
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Can't believe I didn't see this one. So short yet so powerful. I really wish it was longer though, yet the ending and introduction are amazing the way they are.

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So, I prayed for a miracle, and what did I get, a John who loves to bite. He paid extra and smiled. He told me, "That was more than a love bite."
I just smiled my usual "it's okay" smile and helped straighten his tie. I hid the cash with the rest of the nights takings and hit the sack.
I rose, feeling unusually fresh and energetic, I glanced in the bathroom mirror on my way to the toilet. I braked to a stop and took another... mehr anzeigen

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Whoa Cauldar, My, but did you get a shot of "Clive Barker"? Interesting your take on have my blessing to continue this melodramatic tale.

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Roy Boggs

That was excellent, but i do think it should be longer. I was just getting into it!

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A few have asked if this will be a longer story. If anyone wants to, they can continue this as an intro. It should prove to be interesting to see where it leads to.

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one way i judge a book is if i get a mental movie of it playing in my head. most times it takes a few pages to start. and sometimes not at happened right away for me on this on. you have a great gift with word. i loved it and i loved to cover to by the way

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