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My Brother George is CRAZY

User: lazarus67
My Brother George is CRAZY
Crazy....or not....who really knows for certain. I don't.

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J. M. Rivers

Wow. Orange and and orange. Yes, that does make things less monotonous...

*Strokes imaginary beard while staring up into nothingness*

Back at the rabbit hole Alice and the rabbit find themselves at journey's end
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Hello. ︀How ︀are ︀you? ︀I ︀need ︀a ︀friend, ︀open ︀link ︀>>>>> WWW.FANTAZM.ONLINE?lazarus67_1353291995.9584300518

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"Hi, I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother, Darryl."

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Hahaha....yes but those three idiots were real.

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S.P. Johnson Jr.

That is great. I love the "Personally I think she was extremely cheap" line. I love your style, and that you can write such brilliant short fiction.

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Ah yes, being crazy is fun indeed. But who is really crazy? Us or them...or both? An enjoyable read Laz.

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This was a most enjoyable story Laz, and I loved it immensely! I have a brother, in fact several family members who act a bit like this. One actually talks to himself, even when going into the restroom,lol. This also reminds me of a story I wrote about a girl that went crazy from some drugs she kept inhaling. I got to save this one and maybe post it on FB, for others to read!

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Well someone is crazy here and now I think it is me. Very nice distracted and seed planting work, by George!

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Here I am up wide awake at 3am Wednesday morning. Looking for a couple of good reads. I could not stop laughing. Please forgive me, but why in the world was he up on the ceiling? Lol

What can you not write? You Go!

Excellent writing!

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A nice happy day in the life of George. Or Georges. Or....I don't know.

I really enjoyed this!

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