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Lovers and Players

User: lazarus67
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【≽ܫ≼】 ︀➯ WWW.INTIMCONTACT.COM?_ebook-lazarus-lovers-and-players

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I loved the story. It made me very dreamy eyed and warmed my heart. Good work.

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Heart felt, warm story that can touch any of us..I fell in love with this story, so much like others I know...
You have made another wonderful piece here:)

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Loved it! An enjoyble read ...Loved the plot ....Thanks for sharing...

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They say you should be happy with yourself. Well, pooey on that. We are social creatures and need affection. This story has got to be Every human's dream come true. This story is so well written. It is a tender Love story that is not far fetched. I love the way you've captured and expressed the the emotions of these two people. You have given me hope that I too may one day find true Love and not to be just arm candy for some... mehr anzeigen

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Laz I have decided to automaticly add anything you write to my favorites. Everything I have read I want to be able to read it again.

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Hahaha, thanks, No Jared is only allowed to have occasional visits, and Raven is only an aunt. Sequel? You never know.

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Thoroughly enjoyed it. Refreshing as it keeps the reader turning the page.

One small question - Where is Jessica when you go over to Raven's?

Not to be critical but maybe the following would enhance your script.

I can't help feeling eyes on me

Would I be too bold if I invited you to my place

After having eaten enough to merit the loosening of my belt

...before I stepped into something similar to the last eight years

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Thanks..Jessica is with her mother. She only visits her dad every so often.

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